25th November, 2012

From Ken Eklund, EdZedOmega’s director

Giving you permission here to have irate comments from #education directed to me at my personal email address. I’d put it on Tumblr, but per your instructions no one would believe me.

Sorry you were hoaxed, that was never our intention with anyone. – Ken 

His e-mail is writerguy@writerguy.com, if you have anything you want to share with him.  


  1. rislachius said: He seems like a cool guy.
  2. teachinginthemiddle said: I still don’t understand why this was supposed to end Nov 15 yet is still happening.
  3. axiom-of-miller said: He’s giving us his email so we don’t have to publicly post our irritation?
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    Deceiving someone even by omission of intent is still a lie. You did exactly what you intended to do, Ken.
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