8th January, 2013

Finding LGBT films for GSA movie “nights” after school is proving hard.

Many LGBT films feature graphic-ish sex and/or nudity, so those are all out because this is a high school audience.  I dance a very fine line with R rated films.  

But even so many are rated R for language or just simply LGBT issues.

Right now, I have three that are PG-13:

  • Philadelphia  (our first film “night” is this)
  • RENT
  • Too Wong Foo
I’m really just NOT sure about “Were the World Mine.”  I actually didn’t like this movie.  It’s not rated because it was on Logo.

Any other ideas?


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    Ratings are definitely sketchy when dealing with LGBT issues. There are some, like Imagine Me & You, which is rated R...
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    Signal boosting more. Apparently I don’t know any that are queer and PG-13 and worth seeing.
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  4. pelafina answered: Some people said But I’m a Cheerleader but I think that’s R. D.E.B.S. is pg-13, though.
  5. brynnjaminfranklin answered: rent. defininetly rent.
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    I love Les Chansons d’Amour (Love Songs in English). It’s a really great French musical. It’s the only movie I’ve...
  7. sarahfeig answered: happy together!
  8. gjmueller answered: The Boys in the Band, Milk, But I’m a Cheerleader, Tomboy, The Laramie Project
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  10. chrislanda answered: I suggest, Prayers for Bobby. It’s a good movie.
  11. arnethabennett answered: Art paint
  12. bitesizedbiology answered: How about the Laramie Project? I haven’t actually seen the film version, but the play is amazing. Also maybe Breakfast on Pluto?
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    The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Birdcage, I love you Philip Morris, But I’m a Cheerleader, Milk,...
  14. swalldrive said: Hedwig and The Angry Inch…maybe
  15. themouthypunk said: Documentary? Pic Up the Mic is on netflix, I believe. Is about trans* and gender nonconforming rap and hip hop artists. Some profanity, but…documentary, so? Rocco still travels and speaks/performs at schools, too. Was in IN last year. May return??
  16. grumpyandgorgeous answered: Water Lilies! The Celluloid Closet! Before Stonewall. Beautiful Thing. Tomboy.
  17. southern-gothic answered: The Hours is excellent. The Celluloid Closet and Small Town Gay Bar are great if you want documentaries. :)
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  19. notentirely answered: gsanetwork.org/resourc…
  20. platanosandprejudice said: In and Out is also a great one, Dorain Blues is alright, and I’ve never een/screened Big Eden but that’s PG-13 as well. Prayers for Bobby is great, but rather sad! When we screened it at my old GSA, everyone was upset at how depressing it was!
  21. percentile-perhaps answered: Another Country is a great film with a gay main character, and it’s rated PG. I really enjoyed it.
  22. platanosandprejudice answered: But I’m a Cheerleader and DEBS are great for high school GSAs, both PG-13.
  23. qui-saltat-sobrius answered: Get Real? Fun little coming-of-age story. IMDB breaks down it’s R-rating. imdb.com/title/t…
  24. coloursinaflower answered: What about MILK?
  25. specialbunny answered: there are a lot of great documentatries out there. Maybe the Times of Harvey Milk? A netflix sweep will show some great LGBTQ docs.
  26. thelonestarteacher answered: I would suggest “Milk”, but I’m pretty sure it’s rated R. Plus, there’s a decent amount of violence in it.
  27. je-mappelle-catlady answered: Torch Song Trilogy, The Times of Harvey Milk, Broken Hearts Club, Longtime Companion, Big Eden, Red Doors, In & Out, or Maurice
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  29. agentkikirogers answered: imagine me and you/
  30. classicsnerd1994 answered: PBS has a fun documentary on the Stonewall Riots.
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