23rd January, 2013

I’m trying to teach my students that talking about a race doesn’t make you racist.

Like, they are so sheltered white, they think even acknowledging someone as black, or pointing out a particular feature of any culture is racist.  Like, saying “In many Asian cultures, they may not make eye contact with you because they don’t want to seem intimidating,” makes me racist for saying.  

But when you point out, “Hey, you should not use the word ‘ghetto’ or ‘gangster’ in that way,” they’re like, “OMIGOD, NO IT’S NOT RACIST.”  

Some seriously thought I was making up African American Vernacular English today during lecture.  Even the few black kids in class were like, “Yeah, I know what she’s talking about.” AND THE WHITE KIDS SAY, “YA THOUGH YOU DON’T TALK LIKE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.”

And I’m just….facepalming. so. hard.  

We have more black and mixed race students than when I was a student AND the enrollment has gone down since then, but sometimes these kids just play colorblind and think that’s the way to go to be “accepting.”  


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