25th January, 2013

Looking for good tabletop games for 2 or more that I can put on our wedding registry! Card/RP games are fine!



  1. kmeghan answered: Trivial Pursuit is always awesome!
  2. rainandhurricane answered: cards against humanity
  3. hermionehero said: Ticket to Ride
  4. gawkin answered: Cards Against Humanity
  5. zeeblee answered: Dogs in the Vineyard
  6. midwestmumblings answered: Any of the Dominion series (the full games, obviously)
  7. and-the-worldspinsmadlyon answered: Cards Against Humanity
  8. jojofromkokomo said: Loaded questions
  9. osweetspoontaneous answered: Settlers of Catan, Dominion, The Game of Thrones board game is great if you’re a fan of the series! Carcassone, Puerto
  10. coloursinaflower answered: Blokus. Set.
  11. idealisticsun answered: Check out Arkham Horror or its slightly easier cousin, Elder Sign (based more on cards). They’re both a part of the Cthulhu Mythos.
  12. temporaryjanedoe answered: MUNCHKIN
  13. itsssnix answered: "Blink" is really fun. Also The Game of Things is awesome.
  14. painfullyunaware answered: Scategories
  15. maevegreen answered: Wil Wheaton has a Youtube channel, “Table Top Games” where he reviews and plays many of these games.
  16. luepkewriting answered: Fluxx and all its iterations. Guillotine. Uno.
  17. thefreelancecynic answered: Ticket to Ride (as many others have suggested) and Bohnanza (highly addictive bean trading card game, it’s the best).
  18. relativekarma said: Munchkin!
  19. pencilblots answered: Fluxx. I love that game, and it is totally different every time you play. they even have a Monty Python version! Fluxx or Munchkin
  20. teaandmenhotandbritish answered: Apples to Apples.
  21. kquizzo17 said: Definitely, definitely Ticket to Ride.
  22. littlestwampum answered: Fluxx - Pirate Edition
  23. o-kass-o said: Munchkins and expansions. Carcassonne and expansions. Settlers of catan and expansions.
  24. msnickelodeon answered: BETRYAL AT THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. it’s SO good!
  25. lifeinsteps said: Red dragon inn
  26. sarajaneadventures answered: Killer Bunnies
  27. rosecityqueen answered: Ticket to Ride, so addicting!
  28. betheteacheryouloved answered: Apples to Apples, Bannagrams
  29. runningmad answered: Fluxx! There’s a myriad of kinds like Zombie, Alien, and Environment. :)
  30. crazy-little-miss said: "Life" is a good one!
  31. strange-new-classrooms said: Cards Against Humanity. It’s an adult version of Apples to Apples.
  32. waltzingmatildablog answered: Ticket to Ride! Easy to learn and fun.
  33. peachycolleen answered: Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It has some elements of an RP, but really an amazing board game!
  34. thinkinclusive said: Ticket to ride. And Carcassonne.
  35. lizowlet answered: Carcassone is pretty good.
  36. pablophonic said: Munchkin is awesome.
  37. msleahqueenhbic answered: Munchkin!
  38. most-beautiful-darling answered: Bananagrams is a great, portable word game :)
  39. pistoloffire answered: Apples to Apples. Cards Against Humanity.
  40. pentax-and-polaroids answered: settlers of catan
  41. gjmueller said: Cooperative or competitive?
  42. historyhobbit answered: Settlers of Catan is a winner! You may have it already
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