25th January, 2013

theshadowofwyveraryborealis answered your question: Looking for good tabletop games for 2 or more that I can put on our wedding registry! Card/RP games are fine!

Oh, oh, I can help with this. What games do you have/like?

gjmueller also asked: cooperative/competitive?

Most games we have that work with two players are competitive:  Scrabble, Battleship, Timeline, Pass the Pigs.  Like, I can’t even think of a cooperative game title.

We have Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity (and I did register for the expansion packs!).  However, those are more like party games.

My Sorry!, Trivial Pursuit, and Monopoly live at school because kids like playing those on “free days.”  So, we’ve never played those together!  The Bard Game does too…because, well, my fiance draws a line somewhere, and Shakespeare games are it.  

I’m looking for things we could play as a couple, but also bring in friends if we wanted to have game night.  


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    Puerto Rico and Carcassone and Assension are also super fun games, and of course every nerd tabletop gamer needs...
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    You’re good.
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    Competitive: Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil (deck building, fun and funny) Cards Against Humanity (Apples to Apples for...
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