29th March, 2011

Just an update


I wanted to share with everyone that I’ve accepted a full time position as an Associate Educational Technology Designer at Kent State University, and will start on April 18th. This is an incredible professional opportunity for me, and will help me be an even more valuable resource for all of you.

Proud Tumblr Hugs!

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  1. rondalynraw said: Congrats!
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  3. zrhill said: congrats!
  4. arulookit said: Awesome! Congratulations! :) You are very suited for the job and they are lucky to have you.
  5. lol-livinoutloud said: THAT is awesome! Congrats!
  6. hisgraceislikerain said: niceness!! congrats, do your best to improve the world
  7. liquidzoot said: Way to go, congratulations!
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