2nd March, 2013

Students on tumblr: Name a great thing that happened to you at school this past week.

That way, we teachers have an idea of how to make those great moments keep happening for you!



  1. secondtrainofthought answered: I skipped school to work on programming, then I read mathematician’s lament.
  2. annonymmoose answered: A couple of my teachers smiled at me when no one else did all day. No joke.
  3. tjeepers answered: constructive feedback - then praise on the correction, also openess to alternative interpretations (english close reading)
  4. zongo2 answered: salut?
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  6. jaredpadasexme answered: The guy I like let me hold is hand. And I’m still maintaining a B- in geometry despite not knowing what to do/or being taught
  7. coloringfate answered: Switching it up in English and doing some poetry in an otherwise very lit heavy class :)
  8. kmeghan answered: I’m in grad school, but I continue to get 100% on my assignments, and really positive feedback on papers!
  9. okayhong answered: We watched A Beautiful Mind. I talked about depression with my English teacher.
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    we reviewed information we all had a basic understanding of (like 8th grade work) before going on to something that was...
  11. aoiyukata answered: My classmate said that his brain is too small to understand science but my teacher said every student has a large potential~
  12. junkosboob answered: my entire honors english class laughing at how poorly written the perfect scores are for the capt exams and realizing that we’re all passing.
  13. spaghettichris answered: I got a “certificate” stating “Her diligence, personality & stories will be greatly missed” from my teacher after the course ended.
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  15. takinglifebirdbybird said: I finished my junior English poetry project, which involved each student writing a lesson plan and teaching the class for 15 minutes! I gained a great understanding of my specific poem and I loved getting to plan the lesson. Such an awesome assignment.
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  17. gammadot answered: french teacher hugged me when I told her that I’m intending to spend a few months in France after graduation. told me I make her proud <3. <3
  18. ex-astris-veritas answered: My english teacher made a display for Of Mice and Men in order to motivate us :)
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  20. ifyou--dare answered: Teacher bought my group timbits after we won a debate. Yum.
  21. kurstinbailey said: My teacher treated me like a person for like 1 minute!! :D
  22. anngggeelll answered: got my grade :)
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  24. quirkythespian answered: My prof told me that he admired me for reading an article that went above my head, admitting to it, and trying to figure it out anyway.
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  26. fantasticalbells answered: I did super well on a transitions quiz and my teacher called my parents and told them how well I did. It made me super excited and proud.
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  28. headlessmonk answered: As a college senior, I passed both of the tests I had this week after studying with my classmates!
  29. tluthal answered: Had a psych paper DRAFT due. Cranked it out in ~an hour, did so well I got a free pass on the actual paper. |D
  30. most-beautiful-darling answered: Already graduated high school, but my favorite English teacher commented on facebook about how much she missed me. made my day :)