8th April, 2013

The sorting hat hit my speech classes:

High school teachers (and some middle school teachers) know this trend.  Some magic happens that sorts your kids into attitude or ability groups by sheer, unfathomable accidents.  And because of this, you find yourself being a completely different teacher three times a day.

Period ONE:

  • A good, Hufflepuff class.  Diverse and friendly, at 8 am they keep a generally good attitude and work ethic.  They’ll work in small groups coaching each other through ideas and deadlines, and cheer on the lower-ability students who obviously struggle or get nervous with speeches.  The rare bad behaviors and bad attitudes are never positively enforced by peers.  Teacher mode:  Coach.  Class average right now:  B

Period TWO:

  • Ravenclaws, hands down.  Smart and studious, many of them I had as freshmen in honors English.  Most of the 19 come from college credit US history period one to Speech with me.  Excellent completion of deadline work, good creative topics, and they buddy up to help when I get bogged down helping someone else.  Teacher mode:  Only used as a lifesaver.  Current grade distribution:  15/19 have As. 

Period FIVE:

  • Devious little Slytherins.  5 girls in there are studious workers who do well, but would flower and likely be much, much happier in periods one and two.  The other concentration of students feed off each other’s bad attitudes, bad habits, and just turn into a festering pile of non-productivity.  They get mad at me when I set a deadline, get mad when they don’t meet it, and get mad when they see their grade.  They try to pick fights with each other and me.  They don’t like to see classmates succeed.  They frustrate the girls who do their work; those girls even try to help and get their heads bit off.  Teacher mode: Nagging Shadow.  Current average:  Oh god.  Don’t look.  


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    I’m gonna be the asshole who says that your depiction of Slytherins is lacking. You can’t just sort people with the...
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