15th June, 2011

A thank you video.

50% of teachers leave after 5 years, and I just finished my 5th year; the last two years I’ve used tumblr as a education network, and I feel like tumblr has pushed me to be a better teacher.

You’re there to listen, support, and laugh with me.

My DonorsChoose project was so huge and practically funded by tumblr, and I thought, “Nothing can ever top this.”  But you do.  Little things, like movies and Post-Its, and the kind notes that come with those things make a difference.

Tumblr reminds me there are people out there who care about teachers, and care that we get the little things that make our lives easier.  

I tell my students all the time, “You know, a stranger on the Internet got this for you.”  

I’m so excited to teach these films.  Film IS text.  Film IS literature.  It’s an American artform that is so undervalued in classrooms, and I’m so pumped to teach kids to think about film in a new way.

Now I can!  weeee!


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